The Experts in Open Source Software Technology

Hedera Innovations is a software development consultancy that enables organisations to bring complex embedded products to market quickly using Open Source Software. With over 15 years of expertise in the field we will guide you through the maze of design, component selection, tool chains, and licensing issues to enable you to maximise the benefits of using Open Source Software.

We work closely with our clients to deliver technology components, customised development services and training and consultancy to meet your needs as and when required. Our approach emphasises working closely with the client throughout the entire lifecycle - from requirements capture to development, delivery and on-going maintenance. Our flexibility enables us to support both highly focused tasks and a complete turnkey solution.

Open Source Software can help you shorten the time to market and reduce the cost of creating your next exciting product. Open Source opens a array of choices. Let Hedera be your expert guide.


OSS Component Selection

Choosing the right OSS elements is vital for your new project. We can ensure you make the right choices at the crucial early stages of your project, by incorporating OSS that meets your needs in terms of functionality, system partitioning, and ecosystem support.

OSS Working Ethos

Collaborating with the OSS communities is a challenge for many organisations. We can establish the right tools and best practices to adopt, to improve your efficiency.

OSS Transition

Often organisations find it hard to move to Open Source Software. Our guidance includes a development plan and facilitates the migration of your development environment to Open Source Software.
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